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We are engaged to help international students to fully realize their dreams, we guide our students on their path to become a responsible, passionate, innovative global citizen. We help our students each step of the way to success. From high school admission, host family services, academic support, college application counseling, we are always ready to help!

Host Families

AUSA offers international students home stay programs in over 100 high schools. In each of our sponsored dormitories, our bilingual local coordinators, who is 24/7 to be ready to help each of the students. We supported them academically and socially. Students can experience American culture in a host family, with a host family, you will not only improve your English but also learn about American social life.

academic supports

Studying in a foreign country is never easy. We are here to help our students with any academic issues. We offer tailored lessons from highly qualified tutors in a one-on-one setting. 

Our service including:

Standard test

Class Tutorial


collage applications

College application is a time consuming and complicated process. We identify each of our student’s strengths, interests and hobbies, and filter the best fit-in schools for them. We have all on track services making customized plans for each of them. We provide students with guidance, administrative mentoring, we are here to help student every step of the way to their dream school

Frequently asked questions

We provide a comprehensive service including 24/7 parents’ consultation, learning supervision, host family selection and coordination, tutoring, summer camp, school application, coordination and transfermation. 

In our institute, a academic coordinator supervise five students. They have sufficient time and attention on every student to make sure they will not go astray.

We are the only institute in the US which can provide a comprehensive solution for clients in every aspect of their lives. Our coordinators respond to parents’ call in 24/7 to ensure parents get informed on time.

We coordinate with former school officers for school application. We also have qualified Chinese and US revisers. Our team has made thousands of successful applications.

Our team has an excellent tutorial team with experienced tutors from the best universities in the US including Harvard University, MIT and Columbia University

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