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AUSA International Consulting Group is a US based international education institute which aims to provide 7/24 service for international students and their family to ensure guardians know their offspring ‘s life in the US, tutor students for better academic performance, arrange host family for young students and coordinate the relationship between guardians, schools, host families and students..

About Us

AUSA is an international educational company headquartered in New York, dedicated to the mission of promoting educational diversity and cultural exchange. Along with our New York HQ, our program is supported by peripheral offices in Beijing and Xi'an, China

Student Service

AUSA’s International Student Service program helps students from overseas to find the best schools. We help students map out their best possible study abroad plan as well as help them integrate into American culture and it’s education system. This assures that our international students get the most out from their foreign learning experience.

The best campus facilities

AUSA’s Education Abroad program gives aspiring educators the exciting opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture while getting practical work experience and college credit at the same time!

AUSA is able to place Americans with a form command of written and spoken English in a Chinese school of their preferred age group and teach English full time for a year.

Our Clients say

"AUSA is the best educational institute I have ever experienced. With their professional service, I don't need to worry about trivial things. My coordinator can help me with my schedule. I can pay my full attention on my study! "
Student in Boston University
"I am so glad that I chose AUSA for my university application. It is one of the best in New York. They helped me a lot for generating ideas for essay writing. With their help, I was accepted by one of my dream school which I did not expect to get accepted. Thanks AUSA!"
Hall Read
Student at New York University
"I am studying SAT in AUSA. The teachers are experienced and responsible. They answer questions even when it is out of their working hours. I learned a lot from them."
Miaoyu zeng
High school student
"Last year, I went to the US. AUSA matched my current host from their database which is the most suitable for me. Now, I am getting along well with my host family. I am glad that I have the chance to stay with them."
juyang Jiang
High School Student


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