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AUSA International Consulting Group is a reputable U.S.-based international education institute dedicated to providing round-the-clock support for international students and their families. We ensure that guardians are always informed about their children’s lives in the U.S. Our services include academic tutoring to enhance students’ performance, arranging host families for young students, and facilitating communication between guardians, schools, host families, and students. Our goal is to create a seamless and supportive experience for all involved.

About Us

AUSA International Consulting Group, headquartered in New York, is committed to fostering educational diversity and cultural exchange. Our mission is to create enriching experiences for students worldwide. With the support of our dedicated offices in Beijing and Xi'an, China, we ensure a seamless and comprehensive program for students and their families. AUSA is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Student Service

AUSA’s International Student Service program is dedicated to helping students from around the globe find the best schools in the United States. We meticulously design personalized study abroad plans to ensure each student’s success and smooth integration into American culture and its education system. Our comprehensive support guarantees that international students maximize their learning experiences and thrive in their new environment. Trust AUSA to guide you through every step of your educational journey abroad.

Education Assistence

AUSA’s Education Abroad program offers aspiring educators an exhilarating chance to immerse themselves in a new culture, gain practical work experience, and earn college credit all at once!

We connect proficient English-speaking Americans with Chinese students in the U.S., providing mentorship and helping them improve their English skills. This opportunity not only hones teaching abilities but also facilitates a deep and enriching cultural exchange. Trust AUSA to guide you through a transformative journey that broadens your horizons and enhances your professional development.

Our Clients say

""AUSA is the best educational institute I have ever experienced. Their professional services take care of all the details, so I never have to worry about trivial matters. My coordinator helps me manage my schedule, allowing me to focus entirely on my studies. With AUSA, I can truly make the most of my educational journey!"
Student in Boston University
"I am thrilled that I chose AUSA for my university application process. As one of the best educational institutes in New York, they provided invaluable support, especially in brainstorming ideas for my essays. With their guidance, I was accepted into one of my dream schools—something I never thought possible. Thank you, AUSA, for making my dreams a reality!"
Nick Lee
Student at New York University
"I am preparing for the SAT with AUSA, and the experience has been exceptional. The teachers are not only experienced but also incredibly dedicated. They go above and beyond, answering questions even outside of their working hours. Thanks to them, I've learned so much and feel fully supported on my academic journey."
Miaoyu zeng
student at Lawrence Woodmere Academy
"Last year, when I came to the US, AUSA matched me with the perfect host family from their extensive database. They truly found the ideal fit for me. Now, I have a wonderful relationship with my host family, and I’m grateful for the chance to stay with them. Thank you, AUSA, for making this possible!"
juyang Jiang
High School Student


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