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About US

AUSA International Consulting Group is an international education company headquartered in New York City, dedicated to the mission of promoting educational diversity and cultural exchange. Along with our New York HQ, our program is supported by peripheral offices in Beijing and Xi’an, China.

Student Service

AUSA's International Student Services program helps International students to find the best schools for themselves. We help students map out their best possible study abroad plan as well as help them integrate into American culture and it's education system. This includes but is not limited to:
-Homestay and Housing Services
-Extra-curricular Development
-Application services, Admissions preparation and visa I-20 assistance.
-SAT & TOEFL Test Prep
-Employee Airport Pick-up and 24/7 emergency contact access.
-Regular Check Ins: Weekly home visits and monthly activities. Student family may request reports on students academic progress and emotional well-being up to a monthly basis

Educational Ambassadors

AUSA's Education Abroad program provide educators an exciting opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture while getting practical work experience and college credit at the same time! AUSA is able to place Americans with a firm command of written and spoken English in a Chinese school of their preferred age group and teach English full time for one year. While abroad, the followings are provides:
- Housing and living stipend
- Air ticket reimbursement
- American college students participating in the program are entitled to academic credit
- Education Abroad Alumni in good standing are entitled to unlimited program re-enrollment!

Host Family

Host families have the heart-warming experience of being part of a child’s personal development and helping them expand their own worldview, as well as the host families! Often, children of host families find themselves making a new friend at the same time as learning a new language. Participating in a host family program is a unique experience that fosters cross-cultural learning in a personal and intimate way. Host families are also entitled to a monthly stipend of one thousand dollars ($1,000), with bonuses available for referral of new host families.

Membership schools

Hosting international students is a win-win situation for participating  schools. International students are able to provide financial windfall for schools that would otherwise be unavailable relying solely on domestic students. Not only that, but in the modern era, competitive schools pride themselves on their diversity, and in the work force cultural competency is an especially prized attribute. This can be a great boon to both the reputation of the school, as well as a useful trait for alumni as they apply for school or work.


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